Who Wants to be a Millionaire Questions and Answers Episode 30th (20th Oct 2017)

Play Who Wants to be a Millionaire Episode 30 Quiz Questions on 20th October 2017.

Nilanga Amarasinghe conitinue playing today from $7000 Question, who once open a Sri Lankan/El Salvadoran fusion restaurant Encino.

Brandon Turner, a political consultant from Oakland won 10000 after give worng answer of 20K question.

1. $7K: HBO’s “WESTWORLD” is based on a ’73 movie written by what author, also famous for his 1990 book about a different kind of theme park gone WRONG?
[A] Isaac Asimov
[B] Ray Bradbury
[C] Michael Crichton
[D] Philip K. Dick
2. $10K: In competitive diving, the 10m platform’s how much higher than the 3m springboard?
[A] 203.5in.
[B] 231.9in.
[C] 275.6in.
[D] 308.7in.
3. $20K: Last Feb., what former Secretary of Labor & civil rights attorney was elected to be the new head of the DNC?
[A] Ray LaHood
[B] Tom Perez
[C] Rick Perry
[D] Robert Reich
Brandon Turner (OAK)
4. $500: Which one of these ISN’T one of the body parts you might be instructed to place on a colored dot in Twister?
[A] Left foot
[B] Right foot
[C] Left hand
[D] Right kidney
5. $1K: What NY attorney headed west in 1884 to check the legal titles on some mineral claims & ended up the namesake of a beloved national monument?
[A] Charles E. Rushmore
[B] Guyzer O’Faithful
[C] Saul T. Lake
[D] Graham Canyon
6. $2K: What do Americans usually call the medical device that Australians call a “humidicrib”?
[A] Stethoscope
[B] Incubator
[C] Pacemaker
[D] Catheter
7. $3K: The word “marinade” is borrow from the French word “mariner”, which means what?
[A] To steam
[B] To slice
[C] To burn
[D] To pickle
8. $5K: Though a ’90 film version was dismissed as “paranoid poppycock”, critics hailed the ’17 hulu series based on what dystopian Margaret Atwood novel?
[A] Presumed Innocent
[B] Bright Lights, Big City
[C] The Handmaid’s Tale
[D] The Bonfire of the Vanities
9. $7K: Given that the Earth’s essentially a circle, what’s its approx. rate of rotation in terms of degrees?
[A] Five degrees per hr.
[B] 15 degrees per hr.
[C] 30 degrees per hr.
[D] 60 degrees per hr.
10. $10K: Which of these’s the name of the backing band for hip-hop legend Grandmaster Flash & NOT the title of a street racing action movie starring Vin Diesel?
[A] “Fast 5”
[B] “The Furious Five”
[C] “The Fast and the Furious”
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