Jason Kennedy - Who Wants to be a Millionaire Episode 25th Questions and Answers (13th Oct 2017)

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Questions and Answers asked in Episode 25th on 13th October 2016. This is last episode of 5th week of Who wants to be a Millionaire Season 16th. Answer these Millionaire Questions to boost your general knowledge.

Jason Kennedy from Fort Launderdale, FL played for charity: water on the 16th season of the U.S. version on the 5th Week of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? on 13th October and won $30,000. Jason Kennedy

1. In addition to a dinner suit and a summer suit, all but which of these appear on Esquire's list of "5 Suites Every Man Should Own"?
[A] Navy single-breast
[B] Spacesuit
[C] Dark double-breast
[D] Charcoal single-breast
2. Which pair of phrases best approximates the familiar mating call and response of Strix aluco, the common tawny owl?
[A] "Two-wit"/"too-woo"
[B] "Too-legit"/"to-quit"
[C] "Marco"/"polo"
[D] "You up?"/"who dis?"
3. Something that frat boys in upstate NY likely did in the '70s, Greek philosopher Archimedes is rumored to have once done what to celebrate a famous discovery?
[A] Held a keg party at Delphi
[B] Run naked through Syracuse
[C] Played beer pong in Thebes
[D] Eaten 20 tacos in Corinth
4. One of the three delegates who signed the Declaration of Independence for the state, who was depicted riding a horse on DE’s state quarter?
[A] Orange Julius
[B] Julius Caesar
[C] Caesar Rodney
[D] Rodney Dangerfield
5. Let’s raise a glass to the phrase “Gan bei!”– the equiv. of “Cheers!” in what language?
[A] German
[B] Italian
[C] Chinese
[D] Russian
6. In ’01, long before the glory of “Millionaire”, Chris Harrison hosted what short-lived GS taped at one of MN’s most famous attractions?
[A] “Arch Rivals” (which eventually became “$trike it Rich”)
[B] "The Graceland Game”
[C] “Mall Masters”
[D] “Derby Dash”
7. Ed Norton’s character opened what cult film w/ the line “People are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden”?
[A] “Dazed and Confused”
[C] “The Big Lebowski”
[D] “American Psycho”
8. Which of these Hadids was a late Pritzker Prize-winning architect & NOT one of a pair of celebutante sisters or their “Real Housewife” mom?
[A] Zaha
[B] Gigi
[C] Yolanda
[D] Bella
9. Tourists in what U.S. city’s Millennium Park often take a picture of themselves looking into a giant mirrored nicknamed “The Bean”?
[A] Houston
[B] San Francisco
[C] Chicago
[D] Philadelphia
10. The original filling inside Twinkies were replaced by the vanilla flavoring they have today after there was a shortage of what during WWII?
[A] Strawberries
[B] Peppermint
[C] Bananas
[D] Chocolate
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