Episode 1 of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Season 16th Questions and Answers (11th Sept 2017)

First Episode of 16th Season of the U.S. Version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? All Questions and Answers asked from two contestants.

Richard Banks, from Chicago, Illinois was the first contestant to appear on on September 11, 2017 and won 5,000 after answering his 20,000 question wrong.

Audrey Watkins-Fox, from Schenectady, New York was the second contestant appeared on September 11 & 12, 2017 and she won 50,000 after answering her 100,000 question wrong.

$500 (1 of 14)
1. Which of these is NOT a word that Edgar Allan Poe rhymes with "nevermore" in "The Raven," but rather a line of appliances sold by Sears?
[A] Implore
[B] Outpour
[C] Explore
[D] Kenmore
$1,000 (2 of 14)
2. An invasive species from Eastern Europe wreaking havoc on the Great Lakes, zebra mussels are identified by what distinctive pattern on their shell?
[A] Stripes
[B] Polka dots
[C] Hashtags
[D] Dollar signs
$2,000 (3 of 14)
3. On which of these websites will you find the articles "6 Workout Tips You Need to Know For Ramadan" and "5 Products to Get You Skin Eid Ready"?
[A] Jewishteen.com
[B] Caholicgal.com
[C] Muslimgirl.com
[D] Youngandbuddhist.com
$3,000 (4 of 14)
4. Developed in conjunction with the University of Oklahoma, TOTO was a portable data gathering device designed to be put into the middle of a what?
[A] Earthquake
[B] Hurricane
[C] Tornado
[D] Volcano
$5,000 (5 of 14)
5. Born Juaquin Malphurs, what rapper's stage name was partly inspired by his childhood love of Fozzie Bear from The Muppets?
[A] Wiz Khalifa
[B] Waka Floka Flame
[C] Ghostface Killah
[D] Fetty Wap
$7,000 (6 of 14)
6. Dubbed "breakfast for the 1%," a Wall Street-area Denny's offers the $300 "Grand Cru Slam," a normal meal with what expensive addition?
[A] Beluga caviar
[B] Dom PĂ©rignon champagne
[C] A filet mignon steak
[D] A whole Maine lobster
$10,000 (7 of 14)
7. Becoming a fashion staple among young women, what brand was founded in 1978 by an Australian surfer living in Southern California?
[B] Forever 21
[C] MAC Cosmetics
[D] American Apparel
$20,000 (8 of 14)
8. Though it starts and ends at sea level as it stretches from San Francisco to NJ, what highway reaches an elevation of 8,640 feet on WY's Sherman Hill?
[A] I-10
[B] I-40
[C] I-80
[D] I-90
$500 (1 of 14)
9. "Give food and water," "Appear less threatening" and "Offer space for...exploration" are all tips wikiHow gives for how to gain the trust of what?
[A] A supermodel
[B] A hot dog vendor
[C] A probation vendor
[D] A cat
$1,000 (2 of 14)
10. Instead of taking just one for the team, Hughie Jennings took 287, becoming MLB's all-time record holder for what painful ballpark mishap?
[A] Getting hit by a pitch
[B] Being egged during the National Anthem
[C] Falling down the dugout steps
[D] Burning his mouth on hot nacho cheese
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