SSC CGL Tier 1 - 9th August 2015 Morning - English Comprehension Questions and Answers

In the following Ten Questions, a Sentence/a part of the sentence is underlined. Below are given alternatives to the underlined part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed blacken the circle [.] corresponding to “No improvement”
1. Choose the option to improve the underlined sentence.

It’s high time that you go home.
[A] are going
[B] went
[C] gone
[D] No improvement
2. Choose the option to improve the underlined sentence.

Drinking tea is an English habit
[A] tradition
[B] convention
[C] custom
[D] No improvement
3. Choose among the given option to improve the underlined sentence

He is wanting in a little common sense.
[A] lacks
[B] is lacking in
[C] needs someone
[D] No improvement
4. Improve the underlined sentence by choosing among given options.

The second pigeon flew just as the first pigeon had flown
[A] one had done
[B] one had flown away
[C] had done
[D] No improvement.
5. The old man has acquired experience
[A] developed experience
[B] experienced
[C] got experience
[D] No improvement
6. Improve the following sentence.

Water and soil pollutants find their entry into the body through ingestion of contaminated
[A] digestion of contaminated
[B] injection of contaminated
[C] passage of contaminated
[D] No improvement
7. Improve the following sentence.

He lives far from the station
[A] away from the station
[B] a long way from the station
[C] off the station
[D] No improvement
8. Improve the following sentence.

Mumbai is famous because of its textiles
[A] at
[B] in
[C] for
[D] No improvement
9. They spoke about the weather.
[A] said
[B] talked
[C] expressed
[D] No improvement
10. Mr. Mukherjee knows ten languages, isn’t it ?
[A] doesn’t Mr. Mukherjee
[B] hasn’t he
[C] doesn’t he
[D] No improvement
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