Questions asked in SSC CGL 2016 on 27th August - Morning/Evening Shifts

The First Shift of SSC CGL Tier 1 2016 Exam was held on 27th August. The Exam is conducted in 2 shifts from 27th to 29th August but from 30th august it will be 3 shifts in a day upto 11th september 2016. As we know Staff Selection Commission is conducting exams online this year, So it is very difficult to upload full question paper in one go but we will upload Answer Key once we collect all the questions with solutions.

Here we are sharing Some Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 2016 asked held on 27th August Morning and Evening shift. We are requesting you to share your remebered questions with us in comment box we will add those question in post.

General Awareness - Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier I Exam 27th August 2016 in Morning and Evening Shifts

1. When kakori incident took place?

Answer: 1925

Solution: The Kakori Conspiracy was a train robbery that took place between Kakori and , near Lucknow, on 9 August 1925 during the Indian Independence Movement against the British Indian Government. The robbery was organised by the Hindustan Republican Association (HRA).

2. Siachen glacier dispute is between which two countries?

Answer : India and Pakistan

Solution: The Siachen conflict, sometimes referred to as the Siachen War, is a military conflict between India and Pakistan over the disputed Siachen Glacier region in Kashmir.

3. First Woman governor of Independent India?

Answer: Sarojini Naidu

Solution: Sarojini Naidu was the first female to become the governor of an Indian state. She governed Uttar Pradesh from 15 August 1947 to 2 March 1949.

4. Government bodies not under the Attorney General of India

5. The highest number of gold deposits found in which desert?

Answer: Gobi Desert

Solution: The Gobi is a large desert region in northern China and southern Mongolia.

6. Highest source of air pollution in the world

Answer: Carbon monoxide

Solution: Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is slightly less dense than air.

7. Components responsible for acid rain?

Answer: Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)

Solution: The two main components of acid rain are sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). Sulfur dioxide is a colorless gas released by combusting fossil fuels that contain sulfur.

8. Which state has more literacy?

  1. Punjab
  2. Mizoram
  3. Maharashtra
  4. Odisha

Answer: Mizoram

9. Which among the following Government Bodies’ accounts are not audited by CAG?

Answer: Political Parties.

10. Boiling point of water depends on

Answer: Atmospheric Pressure

Solution: The boiling point of water is 100°C or 212° F at 1 atmosphere of pressure (sea level), but water boils at a lower temperature as you gain altitude (e.g., on a mountain) and boils at a higher temperature if you increase atmospheric pressure (lived below sea level).

11. CAG does not audit which of the below mentioned

  1. State govt. accounts
  2. Central government accounts
  3. Local bodies
  4. Government run companies

Answer: Local bodies

12. Monument called ‘dream of stones’

Answer: Panch Mahal

13. Headquarter of FIFA

Answer: Zürich

Solution: The headquarters of FIFA (German: FIFA-Hauptquartier) is a distinctive complex in Zürich.

14. Highest mountain peak of Eastern Ghats

Answer: Jindhagada Peak

15. Bubbles from liquid are formed due to

Answer: Surface Tension

Solution: The bubbles form because air has dissolved in the water. If the tap water is cold and it warms up to room temperature as it sits on the counter, the warmer water is able to hold less gas (the amount of gas that dissolves is temperature-dependent), so the gas comes out of solution to form bubbles.

16. What is Zeolite

Answer: Hydrated Aluminosilicate

Solution: Sol-Zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicate minerals made from interlinked tetrahedra of alumina (AlO4) and silica (SiO4).

17. The minimum number of members that must be present to hold the meeting of the Lok Sabha is

A. one-fourth of the total membership

B. one-tenth of the total membership of the Houses

C. 50 percent strength of the Lok Sabha

D. at least 100 members

18. Ramon Magsaysay winner 2016

Answer: Thodur Madabusi Krishna

Solution: On July 27, 2016, he was honoured with the Ramon Magsaysay Award.

19. Who appoints chairman of public account committee

Answer: Speaker of Lok Sabha

Solution: The Chairman is appointed by the Speaker of Lok Sabha. Since 1967, the chairman of the committee is selected from the opposition.

20. Who was first field Marshall?

Answer: Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw

Solution: Field Marshal Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw, MC (3 April 1914 – 27 June 2008), popularly known as Sam Bahadur ("Sam the Brave"), was an Indian military leader.

21.There’s enough in the world for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed” who said
22.which of the following scheme is not launched by current PM (AMRUT, Jandhan, AYUSH,etc.,)
23.Founder of Theosophical Society
24.First Indian medal winner in Rio 2016
25.Which enzyme is present in all except protozoa
26.What happened when liquid reaches boiling point
27.Smallest country around Indian Ocean
28.Why water spills and mercury sticks to glass surface
29.Which tax is levied by state govt (corporation tax, liquor tax, customs duty etc)
30.Which among the following is not an objective of fiscal policy (reducing inequality of income, price stability, generating employment)
31.Only Governor General assassinated in India
32.”A thing of beauty is a joy forever”- author
33. How many times was the term of the lok sabha extended upto 6 yr.?
34. The declaration of constitutional emergency in an Indian state has to be approved by the parliament within?
35. How long can a Presidential ordinance remain in force?

Quantitative Aptitude - Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier I Exam 27th August 2016 in Morning and Evening Shifts

1. x+1/x=5 find 6x/x^2+x+1=?

2. a=x^1/3.y^1/3+x^(-1/3).y^(-1/3) find a^3-3ay-x=?

3. Ratio of area of sphere nd hemisphere if they have same radius.

4. If two equal arcs of circle made angles 60 degree nd 75 degree... Find ratio of radius..

5. if tan(@-15)=root 3, then, @=?

6. If X+1/X =5 then x/x^2+x+1

7.1..8…27…343…441..729, find out the wrong no. In the series.

8. What is the product of all positive factors of 18? A. 3042 B. 5832 C. 39 D. 324

9. If X=1+√2+√3, then X^2-2X-4=?

10. The single discount equal to three consecutive discounts of 10%, 12% and 5% ?

11. Two no are such that their difference their sum and their product are in the ratio of 1:7:24. The product of no is A. 24 B. 36 C.48 D. 60

Reasoning - Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier I Exam 27th August 2016 in Morning and Evening Shifts

1.ass: brays::monkey:



4.water image. Group

5. One question from matrix...

6.1 8 27 , 64 125 216, 343 ? 729

7. Wrong series : 28 32 29 30 26 28


9. PAPER folding????

10. Counting of no of square in a figure

English - Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier I Exam 27th August 2016 in Morning and Evening Shifts

1.antonym of soothe
2.synonym of devastation nap means? her in a glove means?
5.spelling : connoisseur
6. What is the meaning of the phrase, ‘To put a long face’?


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