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'The General Happiness is the end of the state' who said this?

[A] Hegel
[B] Benthem
[C] Plato
[D] Green
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Aaliya Shamim
Aaliya Shamim - 10 months ago

Aaliya Shamim from Patna, India is saying Green is correct answer

Pavan - 11 months ago

Pavan from Ernakulam, India is saying Benthem is correct answer

Sandeep Shirsat
Sandeep Shirsat - 1 year ago

Sandeep Shirsat from Mumbai, India is saying Benthem is correct answer

shankar - 1 year ago

shankar from Mumbai, India is saying Hegel is correct answer

Bhavani Shivaraj
Bhavani Shivaraj - 1 year ago

Bhavani Shivaraj from Chennai, India is saying Benthem is correct answer

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