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His father prevailed ...... him to join the government service.

[A] upon
[B] on
[C] in
[D] from
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Tayyaba Yaseen
Tayyaba Yaseen - 2 months ago

Tayyaba Yaseen from Pattoki, Pakistan is saying upon is correct answer

BVSS Veda Priya
BVSS Veda Priya - 2 months ago

BVSS Veda Priya is saying in is correct answer

Amitabh Deka
Amitabh Deka - 4 years ago

Amitabh Deka from Kohima, India is saying upon is correct answer

Shubhadeep Adhikary
Shubhadeep Adhikary - 4 years ago

Shubhadeep Adhikary from Kolkata, India is saying on is correct answer

B.T.Ramadevi - 4 years ago

B.T.Ramadevi from Hyderabad, India is saying from is correct answer

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He complains ....... headache.

  • [A] of
  • [B] off
  • [C] from
  • [D] about