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The market in which loans of money can be obtained is called ?

[A] Reserve market
[B] Institutional market
[C] Money market
[D] Exchange market
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Kratika Shakya
Kratika Shakya - 2 years ago

Kratika Shakya from Pune, India is saying Money market is correct answer

kisan - 2 years ago

kisan from Delhi, India is saying Money market is correct answer

Tanmoy Chakraborty
Tanmoy Chakraborty - 2 years ago

Tanmoy Chakraborty from Kolkata, India is saying Exchange market is correct answer

Prateek Singh
Prateek Singh - 2 years ago

Prateek Singh from Agartala, India is saying Money market is correct answer

Bijit Gogoi
Bijit Gogoi - 2 years ago

Bijit Gogoi from Delhi, India is saying Institutional market is correct answer

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