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The little boy ran _______ fast that he was ________ for breath.

[A] too, fighting
[B] so, gasping
[C] very, struggling
[D] so, inhailing
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Sandip Ghosh - 6 months ago

C is right answer

SUDHANSHU RANJAN - 2 months ago

SUDHANSHU RANJAN is saying too, fighting is correct answer

Ajit - 2 months ago

Ajit is saying very, struggling is correct answer

Shyam Chandra
Shyam Chandra - 2 months ago

Shyam Chandra is saying so, inhailing is correct answer

Apurv Chhabra
Apurv Chhabra - 2 months ago

Apurv Chhabra is saying so, gasping is correct answer

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