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There were so many ________ points in his speech, that the audience _______ to get the message.

[A] superficial, listened
[B] irrelevant, failed
[C] relevant, hastened
[D] interesting, tried
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ANIRBAN GHOSH - 1 month ago

ANIRBAN GHOSH is saying relevant, hastened is correct answer

SUDHANSHU RANJAN - 2 months ago

SUDHANSHU RANJAN is saying relevant, hastened is correct answer

Ajit - 2 months ago

Ajit is saying relevant, hastened is correct answer

Ashu R
Ashu R - 3 months ago

Ashu R is saying superficial, listened is correct answer

Car Yaari
Car Yaari - 3 months ago

Car Yaari is saying irrelevant, failed is correct answer

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