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Which one of the following format parameter is correct to get timezone in date() function?

[A] F
[B] T
[C] e
[D] D
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Dhanashri Bhuyar
Dhanashri Bhuyar - 1 month ago

Dhanashri Bhuyar from Mumbai, India is saying T is correct answer

AHMED SOULIMANI - 1 month ago

AHMED SOULIMANI from Casablanca, Morocco is saying D is correct answer

nikita pawar
nikita pawar - 9 months ago

nikita pawar from Pune, India is saying F is correct answer

ayush - 1 year ago

ayush from Mumbai, India is saying T is correct answer

preeti - 2 years ago

preeti from Kolkata, India is saying T is correct answer

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Which of the following functions do not return a timestamp?

  • [A] time()
  • [B] date()
  • [C] strtotime()
  • [D] localtime()
  • [E] gmmktime()

You must make a call to ................... to specify what time zone you want calculations to take place in before calling any date functions.

  • [A] date_default_timezone_set()
  • [B] datedefault_timezone_set()
  • [C] date_defaulttimezone_set()
  • [D] date_default_timezoneset()

What would happen if the following script were run on a Windows server set to Moscow, Russia’s time zone?

echo gmmktime(0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 1970);

  • [A] It would output the number 0
  • [B] It would output the number -1
  • [C] It would output the number 1
  • [D] It would raise an error
  • [E] It would output nothing

What is the difference, in seconds, between the current timestamp in the GMT time zone and the current timestamp in your local time zone?

  • [A] It depends on the number of hours between the local time zone and GMT
  • [B] There is no difference
  • [C] The two will only match if the local time zone is GMT
  • [D] The two will never match
  • [E] None of the above

The ......... function parses an English textual date or time into a Unix timestamp

  • [A] strtodate()
  • [B] stroftime()
  • [C] strtotime()
  • [D] str_to_time()