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Name the Kingdom which first used elephants in wars ?

[A] Magadha
[B] Avanti
[C] Champa
[D] Kosala
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funny crowd
funny crowd - 1 month ago

funny crowd from Delhi, India is saying Magadha is correct answer

Sasha Bedi
Sasha Bedi - 2 months ago

Sasha Bedi from Noida, India is saying Avanti is correct answer

Geethu Karthicka
Geethu Karthicka - 7 months ago

Geethu Karthicka is saying Magadha is correct answer

akshay jadhav
akshay jadhav - 2 years ago

akshay jadhav from Bengaluru, India is saying Magadha is correct answer

ram manohar
ram manohar - 2 years ago

ram manohar from Hyderabad, India is saying Magadha is correct answer

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