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Nitrogen in water is commonly found in the form of ?

[A] Nitrate
[B] Nitrite
[C] Nitric oxide
[D] Nitrous Oxide
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vijaya. b
vijaya. b - 1 week ago

vijaya. b is saying Nitrite is correct answer

Naveen Kumar Konnur
Naveen Kumar Konnur - 2 months ago

Naveen Kumar Konnur is saying Nitrate is correct answer

kunwar saurbh singh
kunwar saurbh singh - 5 months ago

kunwar saurbh singh is saying Nitrite is correct answer

movieflix rockstar
movieflix rockstar - 9 months ago

movieflix rockstar is saying Nitrite is correct answer

Pratibha - 11 months ago

Pratibha is saying Nitrate is correct answer

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