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A Circular sheet of paper is folded in particular manner, punched once and then unfolded. Find Out the manner in which the paper was folded and punched from amongst the answer figures.


[A] A
[B] B
[C] C
[D] D
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Rohit verma - 4 years ago

right answer ..C

mamta bharti
mamta bharti - 2 months ago

mamta bharti is saying C is correct answer

Sandip Ghosh
Sandip Ghosh - 6 months ago

Sandip Ghosh from Delhi, India is saying C is correct answer

Ram Avtar
Ram Avtar - 2 years ago

Ram Avtar from Imphal, India is saying A is correct answer

ram manohar
ram manohar - 2 years ago

ram manohar from Hyderabad, India is saying C is correct answer

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