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A logic gate whose output will be logic 0 state only when all inputs are in logic 1 state is called

[B] OR
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Vaishnavi A Punagin - 2 years ago

Either of NOR , NAND must be right for an output 0, with both inputs 1.

Harini K S
Harini K S - 2 months ago

Harini K S is saying AND is correct answer

Ankita noola
Ankita noola - 2 months ago

Ankita noola from Davangere, India is saying NOR is correct answer

Shravani Burada
Shravani Burada - 8 months ago

Shravani Burada is saying NAND is correct answer

Vrinda - 1 year ago

Vrinda from New Delhi, India is saying AND is correct answer

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