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Loan taken by the person, not telling the purpose of taking loan is called ?

[A] Impersonal Loan
[C] Personal Loan
[D] Concealed Loan
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Rukmani - 9 months ago

Rukmani from Noida, India is saying Impersonal Loan is correct answer

Suhas Gorakhnath Padmalkar
Suhas Gorakhnath Padmalkar - 1 year ago

Suhas Gorakhnath Padmalkar from Pune, India is saying Personal Loan is correct answer

Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta - 1 year ago

Shivangi Gupta from Mathura, India is saying Personal Loan is correct answer

Subash koppal
Subash koppal - 1 year ago

Subash koppal from Bengaluru, India is saying Personal Loan is correct answer

m.kiran kumar
m.kiran kumar - 1 year ago

m.kiran kumar from Bengaluru, India is saying Concealed Loan is correct answer

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