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Which of these methods is used to make raw MIME formatted string?

[A] parse()
[B] toString()
[C] getString()
[D] parseString()
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malathi malathik
malathi malathik - 4 years ago

malathi malathik from Erode, India is saying parse() is correct answer

Sunil Bawana
Sunil Bawana - 4 years ago

Sunil Bawana from Pune, India is saying toString() is correct answer

Padmapriya - 4 years ago

Padmapriya from Chennai, India is saying parse() is correct answer

teja - 4 years ago

teja from Bengaluru, India is saying getString() is correct answer

Nitish Parashar
Nitish Parashar - 4 years ago

Nitish Parashar from Mumbai, India is saying parseString() is correct answer

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