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Which of these class is used to create servers that listen for either local or remote client programs?

[A] httpServer
[B] ServerSockets
[C] MimeHeader
[D] HttpResponse
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Ninad Parange - 3 months ago

answer =b) ServerSockets

bikram behera
bikram behera - 1 month ago

bikram behera from Machhagan, India is saying ServerSockets is correct answer

atish lohade
atish lohade - 2 months ago

atish lohade from Aurangabad, India is saying ServerSockets is correct answer

Bharath - 3 months ago

Bharath from Hyderabad, India is saying httpServer is correct answer

Kesavaraju Peta Secretariat
Kesavaraju Peta Secretariat - 3 months ago

Kesavaraju Peta Secretariat is saying HttpResponse is correct answer

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