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Using the RSA public key crypto system, if p = 13, q = 31 and d = 7, then the value of e is:

[A] 101
[B] 103
[C] 105
[D] 107
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Shamsa hafeez
Shamsa hafeez - 3 days ago

Shamsa hafeez from Lahore, Pakistan is saying 105 is correct answer

Vaibhav Bisht
Vaibhav Bisht - 1 month ago

Vaibhav Bisht from Dehradun, India is saying 103 is correct answer

Mohiddin Mohi
Mohiddin Mohi - 3 months ago

Mohiddin Mohi from Rajahmundry, India is saying 101 is correct answer

indhuja indhuja
indhuja indhuja - 4 months ago

indhuja indhuja from Erode, India is saying 105 is correct answer

Joy G
Joy G - 4 months ago

Joy G is saying 107 is correct answer

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