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Which of these packages contain classes and interfaces used for input & output operations of a program?

[A] java.util
[B] java.lang
[C] java.io
[D] All of the mentioned
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Radwa Maher
Radwa Maher - 4 years ago

Radwa Maher from Romania is saying All of the mentioned is correct answer

Poorvi - 4 years ago

Poorvi from Bengaluru, India is saying java.util is correct answer

Yahya Darwich
Yahya Darwich - 4 years ago

Yahya Darwich from Lebanon is saying java.io is correct answer

piyush srivastava
piyush srivastava - 4 years ago

piyush srivastava from India is saying java.util is correct answer

oumayma ben smaya
oumayma ben smaya - 4 years ago

oumayma ben smaya from Tunisia is saying java.io is correct answer

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Which of these class is used to read characters in a file?

  • [A] FileReader
  • [B] FileWriter
  • [C] FileInputStream
  • [D] InputStreamReader

Which of these classes can return more than one character to be returned to input stream?

  • [A] BufferedReader
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