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What is the output of this program?

import java.io.*;
class Chararrayinput {
public static void main(String[] args) {
String obj = "abcdef";
int length = obj.length();
char c[] = new char[length];
CharArrayReader input1 = new CharArrayReader(c);
CharArrayReader input2 = new CharArrayReader(c, 0, 3);
int i;
try {
while ((i = input1.read()) != -1) {
catch (IOException e) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block

[A] abc
[B] abcd
[C] abcde
[D] abcdef
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Bindushree Bn - 2 years ago

Post answer with explation

Nevena Miuchin
Nevena Miuchin - 1 week ago

Nevena Miuchin from Ottawa, Canada is saying abcdef is correct answer

akshay kharat
akshay kharat - 1 week ago

akshay kharat from Pune, India is saying abcd is correct answer

Zo Go
Zo Go - 1 month ago

Zo Go from Casablanca, Morocco is saying abcd is correct answer

ROSHINI G - 3 months ago

ROSHINI G is saying abcd is correct answer

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