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How many layers are available in Hibernate architecture?

[A] 3
[B] 4
[C] 5
[D] 2
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Pranshu Katiyar
Pranshu Katiyar - 2 months ago

Pranshu Katiyar is saying 4 is correct answer

Pankaj Rana
Pankaj Rana - 8 months ago

Pankaj Rana from Delhi, India is saying 4 is correct answer

Deepam Paul
Deepam Paul - 1 year ago

Deepam Paul from Pune, India is saying 3 is correct answer

ANAMIKA - 2 years ago

ANAMIKA from Kochi, India is saying 5 is correct answer

Srajan Sharma
Srajan Sharma - 2 years ago

Srajan Sharma from Pedapulipaka, India is saying 3 is correct answer

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Which of the following should always forwards or redirect to a resource (view) after completed?

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  • [B] ActionServlet
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The dispatch from the controller to the Action class is based on a configuration that is provided by a

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