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The Hibernate XML configuration file name is? 

[A] hibernate.cfg.xml
[B] hibernate.config.xml
[C] hibernate.cg.xml
[D] none
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Bharath - 4 months ago

Bharath from Hyderabad, India is saying hibernate.cfg.xml is correct answer

Mrugesh Raulji
Mrugesh Raulji - 1 year ago

Mrugesh Raulji is saying none is correct answer

Pankaj Rana
Pankaj Rana - 1 year ago

Pankaj Rana from Delhi, India is saying hibernate.cfg.xml is correct answer

Deepam Paul
Deepam Paul - 2 years ago

Deepam Paul from Pune, India is saying hibernate.cfg.xml is correct answer

Jinka Kalpana
Jinka Kalpana - 2 years ago

Jinka Kalpana from Walnut, United States is saying hibernate.cg.xml is correct answer

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