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Which of the logic tags is used for repetitive output generation?

[A] < logic:lessThan>
[B] < login:redirect>
[C] < logic:iterate>
[D] < logic:loop>
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vedangi Jadhav
vedangi Jadhav - 4 months ago

vedangi Jadhav is saying < logic:loop> is correct answer

Sai Charan Patnaik
Sai Charan Patnaik - 6 months ago

Sai Charan Patnaik from Hyderabad, India is saying < logic:iterate> is correct answer

Pankaj Rana
Pankaj Rana - 8 months ago

Pankaj Rana from Delhi, India is saying < logic:lessThan> is correct answer

Srajan Sharma
Srajan Sharma - 2 years ago

Srajan Sharma from Pedapulipaka, India is saying < logic:iterate> is correct answer

Aman Srivastava
Aman Srivastava - 2 years ago

Aman Srivastava from Pune, India is saying < logic:iterate> is correct answer

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