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Which of the following methods is overridden by Action class?

[A] execute()
[B] service()
[C] run()
[D] destroy()
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Bharath - 2 months ago

Bharath from Hyderabad, India is saying service() is correct answer

Inchara - 10 months ago

Inchara from Mangalore, India is saying execute() is correct answer

Tran Ngoc Anh (K14 DN)
Tran Ngoc Anh (K14 DN) - 10 months ago

Tran Ngoc Anh (K14 DN) is saying run() is correct answer

Đức Huy
Đức Huy - 10 months ago

Đức Huy is saying run() is correct answer

Tri ha minh
Tri ha minh - 10 months ago

Tri ha minh is saying execute() is correct answer

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The dispatch from the controller to the Action class is based on a configuration that is provided by a

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  • [D] struts-config.xml

Abbreviate the term ORM?

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