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The original name of Ho Chi Minh, the president of the Vietnam Democratic Republic, was Nguyen Van Thanh which he later changed to Ho Chi Minh before becoming the President. The literal meaning of Ho Chi Minh is ?

[A] He who leands
[B] He who Fights
[C] He who Enlighten
[D] He who Protects
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Athira Lekshmi C V
Athira Lekshmi C V - 4 months ago

Athira Lekshmi C V from Thrissur, India is saying He who Enlighten is correct answer

Zeal N
Zeal N - 4 months ago

Zeal N from Bengaluru, India is saying He who Protects is correct answer

Nehaanil Kumar
Nehaanil Kumar - 4 months ago

Nehaanil Kumar is saying He who Enlighten is correct answer

Tenzin negi
Tenzin negi - 4 months ago

Tenzin negi from Shimla, India is saying He who Fights is correct answer

pranita patil
pranita patil - 4 months ago

pranita patil from Pune, India is saying He who Enlighten is correct answer

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