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Which of these method of class String is used to obtain length of String object?

[A] get()
[B] Sizeof()
[C] lengthof()
[D] length()
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Sairaj Pradip Devrukhkar - 2 months ago

length() is right

Meryem Onzy
Meryem Onzy - 1 week ago

Meryem Onzy from Casablanca, Morocco is saying length() is correct answer

Slindile Sithole
Slindile Sithole - 1 month ago

Slindile Sithole is saying length() is correct answer

sareddy pravalika
sareddy pravalika - 2 months ago

sareddy pravalika is saying Sizeof() is correct answer

Bharath - 3 months ago

Bharath from Hyderabad, India is saying length() is correct answer

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