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Which of these methods is used to check for infinitely large and small values?

[A] isInfinite()
[B] isNaN()
[C] Isinfinite()
[D] IsNaN()
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Kuheli Mitra
Kuheli Mitra - 4 years ago

Kuheli Mitra from Bangalore, India is saying isNaN() is correct answer

oumayma ben smaya
oumayma ben smaya - 4 years ago

oumayma ben smaya from Tunisia is saying isInfinite() is correct answer

Priyadarshini - 4 years ago

Priyadarshini from Madurai, India is saying isNaN() is correct answer

Nitish Parashar
Nitish Parashar - 4 years ago

Nitish Parashar from Mumbai, India is saying isNaN() is correct answer

chennakrishnreddy - 4 years ago

chennakrishnreddy from Hyderabad, India is saying IsNaN() is correct answer

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