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A man travels uphill to city to city C from city B in a car at the speed of 40 Km/hr, and return to city B at a faster speed of 60 Km/hr. What is his average speed for the round trip ?

[A] 0
[B] 48 km/hr
[C] 50 Km/hr
[D] Data Insufficient
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Sanjay kumar Pal
Sanjay kumar Pal - 4 months ago

Sanjay kumar Pal is saying 50 Km/hr is correct answer

Athira Lekshmi C V
Athira Lekshmi C V - 4 months ago

Athira Lekshmi C V from Thrissur, India is saying Data Insufficient is correct answer

Zeal N
Zeal N - 4 months ago

Zeal N from Bengaluru, India is saying 48 km/hr is correct answer

Tenzin negi
Tenzin negi - 4 months ago

Tenzin negi from Shimla, India is saying 0 is correct answer

Amar Pawar
Amar Pawar - 4 months ago

Amar Pawar from Pune, India is saying 50 Km/hr is correct answer

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