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Which is the container that doesn't contain title bar and MenuBars. It can have other components like button, textfield etc?

[A] Window
[B] Frame
[C] Panel
[D] Container
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Thy Thary - 2 months ago

the answer is c

QuĂ˝ TM - 1 year ago

Give the abbreviation of AWT

Amit Jaisinghani
Amit Jaisinghani - 1 week ago

Amit Jaisinghani from Bhopal, India is saying Panel is correct answer

18IF015 saurabh chopade
18IF015 saurabh chopade - 1 week ago

18IF015 saurabh chopade from Pune, India is saying Window is correct answer

Vrushant Domde
Vrushant Domde - 2 weeks ago

Vrushant Domde from Pune, India is saying Container is correct answer

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