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Which of these interface must contain a unique element?

[A] Set
[B] List
[C] Array
[D] Collection
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Vaibhav Bisht
Vaibhav Bisht - 1 month ago

Vaibhav Bisht from Dehradun, India is saying Set is correct answer

Assaad Amine
Assaad Amine - 1 month ago

Assaad Amine from Casablanca, Morocco is saying Collection is correct answer

Awa Kone
Awa Kone - 1 month ago

Awa Kone from Berrechid, Morocco is saying Array is correct answer

ayoub benigmim
ayoub benigmim - 1 month ago

ayoub benigmim from Casablanca, Morocco is saying Set is correct answer

AHMED SOULIMANI - 1 month ago

AHMED SOULIMANI from Casablanca, Morocco is saying Set is correct answer

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Which of these interface handle sequences?

  • [A] Set
  • [B] List
  • [C] Comparator
  • [D] Collection

Which of these can be used to fully abstract a class from its implementation?

  • [A] Objects
  • [B] Packages
  • [C] Interfaces
  • [D] None of the Mentioned.

Which of the following is correct way of implementing an interface salary by class manager?

  • [A] class manager extends salary {}
  • [B] class manager implements salary {}
  • [C] class manager imports salary {}
  • [D] None of the mentioned.

Which collection class associates values witch keys, and orders the keys according to their natural order ?

  • [A] java.util.HashSet
  • [B] java.util.LinkedList
  • [C] java.util.TreeMap
  • [D] java.util.SortedSet