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Which of the following statements is false as far as different type of statements is concern in JDBC?

[A] Regular Statement
[B] Prepared Statement
[C] Callable Statement
[D] Interim Statement
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Sanke Siva Prasad
Sanke Siva Prasad - 4 years ago

Sanke Siva Prasad from Abbur, India is saying Callable Statement is correct answer

Dibas B
Dibas B - 4 years ago

Dibas B from Mumbai, India is saying Interim Statement is correct answer

Harish Kumar Sundaramurthy
Harish Kumar Sundaramurthy - 4 years ago

Harish Kumar Sundaramurthy from India is saying Regular Statement is correct answer

Abhimanyu Karkara
Abhimanyu Karkara - 4 years ago

Abhimanyu Karkara from Kolkata, India is saying Interim Statement is correct answer

akash patil
akash patil - 4 years ago

akash patil from India is saying Interim Statement is correct answer

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