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Which of the following methods are needed for loading a database driver in JDBC?
a. registerDriver() method
b. Class.forName()
c. Both A and B//
d. getConnection()

[A] registerDriver() method
[B] Class.forName()
[C] Both A and B
[D] getConnection()
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ihsane KHALLOUQ - 1 week ago

ihsane KHALLOUQ from Casablanca, Morocco is saying registerDriver() method is correct answer

bikram behera
bikram behera - 1 month ago

bikram behera from Machhagan, India is saying Class.forName() is correct answer

Krishna Pranathi
Krishna Pranathi - 1 month ago

Krishna Pranathi is saying Both A and B is correct answer

Pavan Prathipati
Pavan Prathipati - 1 month ago

Pavan Prathipati is saying Both A and B is correct answer

Patel Tirth
Patel Tirth - 2 months ago

Patel Tirth is saying registerDriver() method is correct answer

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