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________ is an open source DBMS product that runs on UNIX, Linux and Windows.

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Shamsa hafeez
Shamsa hafeez - 1 week ago

Shamsa hafeez from Lahore, Pakistan is saying JDBC/SQL is correct answer

Sailaja - 2 weeks ago

Sailaja from Surat, India is saying MySQL is correct answer

Sagar Gawari
Sagar Gawari - 1 month ago

Sagar Gawari from Pune, India is saying JDBC/SQL is correct answer

komal badhe
komal badhe - 1 month ago

komal badhe from Pune, India is saying JDBC/SQL is correct answer

Zo Go
Zo Go - 1 month ago

Zo Go from Casablanca, Morocco is saying JDBC/SQL is correct answer

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Which type of Statement can execute parameterized queries?

  • [A] PreparedStatement
  • [B] ParameterizedStatement
  • [C] ParameterizedStatement and CallableStatement
  • [D] All kinds of Statements

What happens if you call the method close() on a ResultSet object?

  • [A] the method close() does not exist for a ResultSet. Only Connections can be closed.
  • [B] the database and JDBC resources are released
  • [C] you will get a SQLException, because only Statement objects can close ResultSets
  • [D] the ResultSet, together with the Statement which created it and the Connection from which the Statement was retrieved, will be closed and release all database and JDBC resources