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The beautiful earrings set ...... the maiden's beauty.

[A] off
[B] on
[C] in
[D] out
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Tayyaba Yaseen
Tayyaba Yaseen - 2 months ago

Tayyaba Yaseen from Pattoki, Pakistan is saying off is correct answer

Sree - 3 months ago

Sree is saying off is correct answer

Amitabh Deka
Amitabh Deka - 4 years ago

Amitabh Deka from Kohima, India is saying out is correct answer

Zohaib Khan
Zohaib Khan - 4 years ago

Zohaib Khan from Pakistan is saying in is correct answer

Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar - 4 years ago

Pawan Kumar from Lucknow, India is saying on is correct answer

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