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Which government decided to grant Rs. one lakh to villages which will become alcohol- free?

[A] Madhya Pradesh
[B] Jharkhand
[C] Delhi
[D] Uttar Pradesh
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Veera Braganza
Veera Braganza - 11 months ago

Veera Braganza from India is saying Delhi is correct answer

Pradipsinh Jhala
Pradipsinh Jhala - 1 year ago

Pradipsinh Jhala from Ahmedabad, India is saying Delhi is correct answer

Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar - 1 year ago

Ankit Kumar from Patna, India is saying Madhya Pradesh is correct answer

Suhas Padmalkar
Suhas Padmalkar - 1 year ago

Suhas Padmalkar from Hyderabad, India is saying Jharkhand is correct answer

Swaraj Mane
Swaraj Mane - 1 year ago

Swaraj Mane from Bhopal, India is saying Uttar Pradesh is correct answer

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