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NASA’s ________spacecraft has created history by becoming the first mission to achieve orbit around the dwarf planet Ceres with an aim of providing new insights and capturing images from the distant world ?

[A] Earth orbital
[B] Dawn spacecraft
[C] Blue Origin's orbital
[D] Excalibur Almaz
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Viru Kumar
Viru Kumar - 1 year ago

Viru Kumar from New Delhi, India is saying Dawn spacecraft is correct answer

Jaydip - 1 year ago

Jaydip from Vadodara, India is saying Blue Origin's orbital is correct answer

जितु माली
जितु माली - 1 year ago

जितु माली from Jaipur, India is saying Earth orbital is correct answer

kunchok mingur
kunchok mingur - 2 years ago

kunchok mingur from Noida, India is saying Excalibur Almaz is correct answer

ANAND TIWARI - 2 years ago

ANAND TIWARI from Bhusawal, India is saying Dawn spacecraft is correct answer

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