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Their country has no mineral resources to speak .........

[A] of
[B] in
[C] on
[D] with
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Srujan - 2 weeks ago

Srujan from Hyderabad, India is saying with is correct answer

Nasir Hussain
Nasir Hussain - 2 months ago

Nasir Hussain is saying on is correct answer

Nandini Sathyan S
Nandini Sathyan S - 5 months ago

Nandini Sathyan S is saying on is correct answer

Prakruthi Pinki
Prakruthi Pinki - 7 months ago

Prakruthi Pinki is saying on is correct answer

Dance is Lifee
Dance is Lifee - 7 months ago

Dance is Lifee is saying in is correct answer

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