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The largest part of the human brain is ?

[A] Medulla oblongata
[B] Cerebellum
[C] Cerebrum
[D] Mid-brain
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SHIBANI PRADHAN - 4 years ago

cerebrum is the largest part of brain consists of two cerebral hemisphare joined by a curved thick nerve fiber called corpous collasam

fidha fathima - 4 years ago

cerebrum the largest part of the human brain and are situated above other brain structures

Erin Keegan
Erin Keegan - 4 years ago

Erin Keegan from London, United Kingdom is saying Cerebellum is correct answer

Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan - 4 years ago

Ayesha Khan from Bari, Italy is saying Cerebellum is correct answer

Diviashni Jegathesan
Diviashni Jegathesan - 4 years ago

Diviashni Jegathesan from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is saying Cerebellum is correct answer

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