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The function of hemoglobin is ?

[A] To transport oxygen
[B] Destruction of bacteria
[C] Prevention of anemia
[D] Utilization of energy
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SHIBANI PRADHAN - 3 years ago

Hemoglobin carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissue and return CO2 from the tissue to the lungs.

fidha fathima - 3 years ago

to transport oxygen

Basavaraj Patil
Basavaraj Patil - 1 month ago

Basavaraj Patil from Athani, India is saying To transport oxygen is correct answer

Iranna Bhagoji
Iranna Bhagoji - 2 months ago

Iranna Bhagoji from Thrissur, India is saying Utilization of energy is correct answer

Sasha Bedi
Sasha Bedi - 3 months ago

Sasha Bedi from Noida, India is saying To transport oxygen is correct answer

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