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The primary source of carbohydrates are ?

[A] marine animals
[B] crude oil
[C] plants
[D] coal-far
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Hira Amjad - 4 years ago

Its plants colloal far kysyyy


Also me i thank the plant is answer

anshika verma - 4 years ago

even i thought it is plants...

SasIsila Khaling - 4 years ago

Correct answer is plant

Paul Saytue - 4 years ago

the correct answer is plant the primary source of carbohydrates

krishna dholariya - 4 years ago

answer are wrong because source of the plant

Queen P-Baby - 4 years ago

I though it was plants...

Reali Guzon - 4 years ago

plants -produced starch which known as carbohydrates

Sekhar Mathyam - 5 years ago

the right ans C PLANTS...For corbon di oxide Coal-far

Love Empire - 5 years ago

#Answer is wrong.....the correct one is C= plants.....plants are the major source of carbohydrates !

yuva D - 5 years ago

yes the answer was wrong.....they've given it for carbon dioxide.....

Kumar Avnish - 5 years ago

we know carbohydrates are produced by plants or chlorophyll containing organisms during photosynthesis...

Kumar Avnish - 5 years ago

what does it means ?

Erin Keegan
Erin Keegan - 4 years ago

Erin Keegan from London, United Kingdom is saying plants is correct answer

Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan - 4 years ago

Ayesha Khan from Bari, Italy is saying crude oil is correct answer

Satyaranjan Panda
Satyaranjan Panda - 4 years ago

Satyaranjan Panda from Bhubaneswar, India is saying crude oil is correct answer

ankit gupta
ankit gupta - 4 years ago

ankit gupta from Bokaro Steel City, India is saying plants is correct answer

Akshay Bhagat
Akshay Bhagat - 4 years ago

Akshay Bhagat from Bangalore, India is saying plants is correct answer

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