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During an earthquake, two places 'A' and 'B' record its intensity on Richter scale  as 4.0 and 6.0 respectively. In absolute terms, the ratio of intensity of the earthquake at 'A' to that of 'B' is ?

[A] 2:3
[B] 7:8
[C] 141:173
[D] 1:100
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RAKESH RAWAT (R2) - 3 years ago

100^4 : 100^6 = 1:100

Salman Mohammad
Salman Mohammad - 3 months ago

Salman Mohammad is saying 1:100 is correct answer

Sharanabasawa Hiremath
Sharanabasawa Hiremath - 1 year ago

Sharanabasawa Hiremath from Anavatti, India is saying 2:3 is correct answer

amit lohani
amit lohani - 1 year ago

amit lohani from Vadodara, India is saying 2:3 is correct answer

Stanley Jensen
Stanley Jensen - 2 years ago

Stanley Jensen from Thorndale, Canada is saying 2:3 is correct answer

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