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Given memory partitions of 100 K, 500 K, 200 K, 300 K and 600 K (in order) and processes of 212 K, 417 K, 112 K, and 426 K (in order), using the first-fit algorithm, in which partition would the process requiring 426 K be placed ?

[A] 500 K
[B] 200 K
[C] 300 K
[D] 600 K
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Srijana Shet Yiascm
Srijana Shet Yiascm - 10 months ago

Srijana Shet Yiascm from Bengaluru, India is saying 600 K is correct answer

Raghuveer Dhakad
Raghuveer Dhakad - 2 years ago

Raghuveer Dhakad from Delhi, India is saying 600 K is correct answer

Mushkin - 2 years ago

Mushkin from Anantapur, India is saying 600 K is correct answer

suresh 1547
suresh 1547 - 2 years ago

suresh 1547 from India is saying 500 K is correct answer

purushotham - 2 years ago

purushotham from India is saying 600 K is correct answer

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