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Which of the following seas has highest salinity in the world?

[A] Mediterranean sea
[B] Black sea 
[C] Dead sea
[D] Red sea
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The Stranger
The Stranger - 4 months ago

The Stranger from Kolkata, India is saying Dead sea is correct answer

Ankita Chand Deopa
Ankita Chand Deopa - 4 months ago

Ankita Chand Deopa is saying Dead sea is correct answer

Snehal Tilekar
Snehal Tilekar - 4 months ago

Snehal Tilekar from Pune, India is saying Mediterranean sea is correct answer

ashutosh ugale
ashutosh ugale - 4 months ago

ashutosh ugale from Delhi, India is saying Dead sea is correct answer

Gayatri samal
Gayatri samal - 5 months ago

Gayatri samal from Bhubaneswar, India is saying Black sea  is correct answer

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