6 years ago in IB ACIO Grade - II 2013

Find the least five digit number which on divided by 12,18,21,28 leaves the same remainder.

[A] 11019
[B] 10081
[C] 10059
[D] 10289
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Satyajit Sharma - 4 years ago

Kaise hua yeh bhosrike

Athira Lekshmi C V
Athira Lekshmi C V - 11 months ago

Athira Lekshmi C V from Thrissur, India is saying 10081 is correct answer

The Stranger
The Stranger - 11 months ago

The Stranger from Kolkata, India is saying 10081 is correct answer

priyanka soundar
priyanka soundar - 4 years ago

priyanka soundar from Kakkaveri, India is saying 10081 is correct answer

Nazia Sayed
Nazia Sayed - 4 years ago

Nazia Sayed from Mumbai, India is saying 10081 is correct answer

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