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In June 2020, which of the following banks has/have announced cut in their marginal cost of funds-based lending rates (MCLR) across all tenors?

[A] Bank of Baroda
[B] Union Bank of India
[C] Yes Bank
[D] Both 1 and 2
[E] Both 1 and 3
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Which Indian stock market index on July 25, 2017 crossed the 10,000 mark?

  • [A] Sensex
  • [B] S&P CNX 500
  • [C] Nifty
  • [D] India Index Services and Products
  • [E] MCX Stock Exchange

Which bank has waived charges on IMPS fund transfer of up to Rs 1,000?

  • [A] Bank of Baroda
  • [B] State Bank Of India
  • [C] Punjab National Bank
  • [D] ICICI Bank
  • [E] HDFC Bank

The government has imposed anti dumping duty on ______ from China.
सरकार ने चीन से ______ पर एंटी डंपिंग शुल्क लगाया है।

  • [A] Kraft paper
    क्राफ़्ट पेपर
  • [B] Polystyrene
  • [C] Velostat
  • [D] Mycobond
  • [E] Aluminium foil
    एल्युमीनियम फॉयल

Which bank on November 3, 2017, signed an agreement with the Indian government for providing Rs 1000 crore for food processing projects?

  • [A] Bank of Baroda
  • [B] State Bank of India
  • [C] Yes Bank
  • [D] Punjab National Bank
  • [E] ICICI Bank