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Which of the following startups has launched a multipurpose decontamination device called ‘Lumos’?

[A] Devaditek Innovations
[B] Abbott Laboratories
[C] Boston Scientific Corp
[D] The Cooper Companies Inc.
[E] Globus Medical
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Ashok Gajapathi Raju is the former minister of ___________.

  • [A] Aviation 
  • [B] Railways
  • [C] Finance
  • [D] Defence
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Radcliffe Fellowship offered every year to support the work of 50 leading artists and scholars around the world, is awarded by which university?

  • [A] Oxford University
  • [B] Harvard University
  • [C] Newyork University
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Which bank has signed a cooperation arrangement with International Solar Alliance to promote solar energy deployment in Asia & Pacific?

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Researchers from which of the following have identified a region in the genome of a rice, which seems to have the potential for improving productivity?

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  • [B] National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources
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