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In May 2020, Union Minister for Road Transport Nitin Gadkari has inaugurated how many metres long tunnel, constructed below Chamba, as part of the Chardham Connectivity Project?

[A] 360
[B] 400
[C] 440
[D] 490
[E] 520
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In June 2020, which of the following ministries has issued Gazette notification to pave the way for the implementation of the upward revision in the definition and criteria of MSMEs in the country?

  • [A] Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  • [B] Ministry of MSME
  • [C] Ministry of Home Affairs
  • [D] Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • [E] Ministry of Finance

Tamil Nadu state government has announced free education for the transgender community in all ________ colleges in the sate.

  • [A] Madurai Kamaraj University
  • [B] Annamalai University
  • [C] Periyar Maniammai University
  • [D] Hindustan University
  • [E] Manonmaniam Sundaranar University

India's first bicycle sharing scheme has been launched in ________.

  • [A] Indore
  • [B] Mysuru
  • [C] Bhubhaneshwar
  • [D] Kota
  • [E] Amritsar

India on July 1, 2017 contributed $______ to the UN Peacebuilding Fund.

  • [A] 400000
  • [B] 600000
  • [C] 700000
  • [D] 500000
  • [E] 900000

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs on August 2, 2017 approved three railway connectivity projects in ______ and _____.

  • [A] Punjab and Rajasthan
  • [B] Maharashtra and Gujarat
  • [C] Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh
  • [D] Tamil Nadu and Kerala
  • [E] None of the above