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The National Endangered Species Day is observed on the third ________ of May every year.

[A] Wednesday
[B] Thursday
[C] Friday
[D] Saturday
[E] Sunday
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The theme for 2017 World Intellectual Property Day is:

  • [A] Encouraging Creativity
  • [B] Innovation – Improving Lives
  • [C] Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined
  • [D] Celebrating innovation and promoting respect for intellectual property
  • [E] Make Intellectual Property Your Business

When is the Commonwealth Day celebrated?

  • [A] 22 May
  • [B] 23 May
  • [C] 24 May
  • [D] 25 May
  • [E] 26 May

What is the theme of the World No Tobacco Day 2020?

  • [A] Tobacco and heart disease
  • [B] Get ready for plain packaging
  • [C] Protecting youth from industry manipulation and preventing them from tobacco and nicotine use
  • [D] Tobacco - a threat to development
  • [E] Tobacco and lung health

When is the World Nature Conservation Day observed every year? 

  • [A] 27 July
  • [B] 28 July
  • [C] 29 July
  • [D] 30 July
  • [E] 31 July