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Which of the following has/have developed a low-cost, automated respiratory assist device called The Sundaram Ventago?

[A] TVS group
[B] Sundaram Medical Foundation
[C] IIT-Madras
[D] Both 1 and 2
[E] All 1, 2 and 3
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Who among the following won 2017 Dan David prize?
2017 डेन डेविड पुरस्कार के विजेता कौन हैं?

  • [A] Shrinivas Kulkarni
    श्रीनिवास कुलकर्णी
  • [B] Anil Kakodkar
    अनिल काकोडकर
  • [C] C. N. R. Rao
    सी.एन.आर. राव
  • [D] Anil Bhardwaj
    अनिल भारद्वाज
  • [E] Ashoke Sen
    अशोक सेन

Haryana State University of Horticultural Sciences is located at _____, Haryana.

  • [A] Ambala
  • [B] Karnal
  • [C] Faridabad
  • [D] Hisar
  • [E] Gurgaon

Government recently launched four schemes to promote young scientists, what is the aim of the fourth scheme?

  • [A] To encourage science writing
  • [B] To promote startups
  • [C] To promote scientific research
  • [D] To encourage funding for projects
  • [E] None of the above